Monday, April 18, 2011


Lets see, what has been going on with me. I haven't posted in awhile, and that's because nothing really exciting has been going on with me so there really isn't anything to blog about. The bad news is that I'm sick again. And its bad news because I'm supposed to be work. Now someone might ask why don't you just suck it up and go to work? Well I would suck it up and go to work if I wasn't contagious. But since I'm contagious I shouldn't really be working with food and making other people sick. Also someone might ask what do you have? Well the doctor told me that it is either copycat strep or mono... With copycat strep there really isn't anything that they can do for me. With mono they can't find out if I have it until I've had it for awhile. Either way I'm out of work until Thursday and I'm pretty sure I have to make up the days that I've missed. My best friend right now is a Popsicle or maybe the gargle that the doctor gave me. Both make my throat hurt a little less for a little while.