Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Break and Chocolate Mousse

So I completed my winter trimester of labs, I do have to make up one because I got bronchitis. I did get my internship figured out finally. I'm going to Utah and I'm driving there starting on the 4th. On other news I don't know what to do for the next like week or so.  But I have a reciepe for you:

Chocolate Mousse
12 oz Dark courverture
2 oz Butter melted
3 oz Egg yolks
1# Heavy cream
5 oz Egg whites
1 oz Granulated sugar
Place chocolate in a bowl and melt over simmering water. Blend in butter. Lightly stir in egg yolks. Whip cream to a soft peak and fold into the chocolate mixture. Whip egg whites and sugar to a medium peak and fold into the chocolate mixture. Fold sugar into chocolate mixture in two stages.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I keep checking for the blogs I follow to see if they have updated anything, and then today I realized there might be some people checking to see if I updated anything. SO here I am updating it. Haha. Breads class is done and I'm in Entremets and Petit Gatuexs. Which is small cakes and  "between meals" is entremets. I really dislike cakes classes. I still haven't found an internship yet, which sucks because there are two weeks left in the trimester and I need to have one before the 8th of March because that is when the next trimester starts. I've been trying to contact this place in Utah to see if they want me, and so far I haven't heard much from them. I sent them my resume and they sounded interested in having an intern, I just don't know if they are interested in having me. Oh well, I'll get a place one way or another, the school has to find me a place. That is all that I have to update people on. Nothing too exciting going on in my life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

He/She or Shim?

So not much is going on in the baking and pastry world that I am aware of right now, or at least that I'm doing. It has been snowing and freezing and making my life difficult. My car sucks in the snow... I can't go around a turn without fishtailing it. At least I'm becoming a pro at driving in snow with a crappy car, I'm pretty confident that I will be able to drive any other car in the snow after this winter. In totally unrelated news we now have to decide whether or not to change our kitten's name. We found out today that Holly is not a female. She went in to get spayed and the vets figured out that she is a he. But that he not only has a small penis that he also doesn't have testicles. So they opened him up anyways to look and see if the testicles were inside, but didn't find any. So we think that he was already neutered when he was like less than 8 weeks old and was already healed from that. We don't know what happened but we have to figure out if we want to change his name from Holly which he sometimes responds to. I think his name should be Oreo Jack, and O.J. for short. Dad thinks his name should be M.T. Wallet (so it sounds like empty wallet because he empties our wallets).