Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hairs Cut

Today I got my hairs cut, yes I know it sounds weird or strange to say hairs cut, but its the truth. I didn't have A hair cut, but I had them all cut. I haven't had them cut in almost two years. I got about five-ish inches off in some areas and even more in the bangs area. Now some might ask why now, or why that much? Well I finally got tired of my hair and didn't feel like changing the color again or this soon after just coloring it.
I am also feeling like I haven't been sick in the last couple weeks, so that's good news.
I am also excited to report that I have two weeks left of my internship and that also means that it is two weeks to my birthday. I do not know what I want for my birthday. I am thinking that I want a party with the family that is in Utah, but I don't think I will get one. We'll see.
This weekend is Mothers day, and I can't be there to celebrate it with my mother, but I hope that the gifts I picked out for her will get there on time and that she will love them. I am however going to visit some family friends and celebrate Mothers day with them.

Now here are before and after pictures.

See how long it is?
Now its all short and cute

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