Friday, September 2, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

So I know that I have been pretty lax when it comes to blogging. I just feel that if I don't do much then there isn't much to put so why put anything? Anyways, as of the 15th of August I had quit my job. I loved quitting. I can't really express how much I hated that job. Since then I have been doing basically what I did last summer, which is basically being a lazy bum. I have been taking my dad and going fishing. On the days that we actually catch fish we can't catch more than three fish, and they aren't big enough to eat or keep. I caught a pretty decent size one today but still not a keeper. Dad didn't catch any, I caught the three for the day. I don't like eating fish, except the fish that is made by Gourmandise, The Bakery is Salt Lake City every Friday because its that days special. One of the things that I hate about fishing, is when you catch a fish and are taking your hook out you have to hold the fish and that makes your hands smell like fish. And then they stink up your car...We have been using worms as bait the last couple days and so to get the worm on the hook my dad bought a worm threader. Which is kind of like a needle but not sharp, its hollow and you shove it into the worm so that it doesn't wiggle as you are putting it on your hook. As you might imagine this is very disgusting. I'm a pretty squeamish person. I throw up because someone else throws up, or I watch Tosh.0 and he shows something disgusting. I don't like that this happens but its just part of who I am. Anyway, I was doing fine with the poking worms and what not because my dad was doing it for me. Until I decided that I didn't like fishing where he was so I went a little ways away from him. I kept catching fish and they would steal my worm or eat my entire hook, and so I would have to walk back to where he was and put on a worm. It was so disgusting, their guts were coming out and they were bleeding and crapping. I was trying not to puke while I was doing this. I'm going to try and get my dad to go fishing again tomorrow, because I enjoy catching the fish even if there are parts about fishing that I hate.
I start back to school soon. I'm sorta excited, I'm one of those people who want to go to school while they are out of school, but want out of school when they are in school. I have a pretty easy schedule, and I don't have any gaps between classes, so I'm more likely to stay in my classes. In the past I've had times where I've had a two hour gap between classes and being a commuter its not enough time to go home and come back, a lot of times I would just leave and not go to the classes after the break. Its also nice that I have most of the day free so I can still do things. On Mondays and Wednesdays I don't have to be to class until 4pm. While on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have to be to class at 2 pm.
I may have found a new job, that I would only have to work weekends and I would get paid more than BK paid me an hour. I kind of hope I get it because its nice to make money. But I would rather just win the lottery like just about everyone else would like to do, instead of working. Once I find exactly what I want to do, I'm sure that I will enjoy doing it and actually want to go to work. I know what degree I want, and I'm getting it, but I have no clue what I'm going to do with that degree once I get it. Its like a dog that is chasing a car, if it actually catches it, it wouldn't know what the hell to do with it.

And now I leave you with a picture of me and the biggest catch of the day...

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