Monday, January 31, 2011

Amber ran into a pole

Amber ran into a pole, this saying is from even before I was born. It came from my Auntie M at the dinner table when she was little. The reason I say Amber ran into a pole is because we have a new saying. Sara ran into a kid. Today my mom and I went up to Loveland ski resort. (it was actually on Saturday.) It was awesome. I'm learning to go on toe side which usually I can't do without catching an edge and falling. Well today I was doing awesome and going down the mountain and was going on toe side in this narrow area when I got cut off. Well I tried to avoid it, but I ended up hitting this little girl full on with my board. Luckily I didn't hurt her, I just scared her. I felt and still feel really bad.

I also feel bad for my kitten, Holly, because she is teething. In the last like two days she has lost almost all of her fangs. She has one more and its really stuck in there good. Also she is going in to the vet in February to get spade. Poor thing, will have to wear a cone. Oh but it will be so cute, like her. Lexi had blood on her face from when Holly bit her and she was missing a tooth and the gum bled onto Lexi.

On other news, more of what this blog is supposed to be, I made truffles. Its not something new that I do, the new thing is that I now have molds and this makes it easier, sorta. If you have some chocolate that is not tempered right then it makes it really difficult. Only nine of them came out right, half of them broke in half in the mold. Also next trimester I have my internship, that is if I can find a place that is willing to take me. That part is proving to be quite difficult, so if anyone wants to help me out, that would be awesome. I need a confirmed site before Feb. 11. Its kind of stressing me out. Which probably explains why I've had more heartburn recently, also I hate calling and being rejected.

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