Friday, January 21, 2011


I know I haven't posted in a while. I don't really have that good of an excuse really. I finished with doubles and I'm back to just the one class from 6 pm to midnight. I am now in specialty cakes, which includes like wedding cakes and stuff like that. I'll put up pictures of my sugar showpiece when I can get my camera. It is a good thing that I got pictures of it while it was still whole, because today all of a sudden my fish kind of exploded and fell apart. I think it turned out pretty awesome, but looking back there were somethings that I think I could have done better.

I went snowboarding on Friday and loved it. I'm really getting better at it. I am finally starting to learn how to go on the front side of the board. The only bad fall that I took was while on a green run or "easy" run. The only reason it was a bad fall was because I hit my head and it still hurts. Usually I fall quite a few times that I consider bad falls. I even went down part of a black run, by accident. I fell trying to get onto the the blue run and could only go down on the black. I didn't do as badly as I would have thought. The best run was probably when we went all the way up the mountain and then we went through the woods, and it was an actual trail. It was awesome and really pretty. I didn't get any pictures though because I was afraid that I would ruin my camera. I fall a lot while boarding. I would like to go boarding next weekend but its only a two day weekend and I prefer to go on Fridays or during the week because it is less busy.

In other news my brother got engaged on New Years Eve. I'm really happy for him, and I'm glad that I'm going to be gaining Angie and Cari as sisters-in-laws. I've never actually met their mom but their dad is awesome. The last two years he has gone to Water World with us "kids".

The kitten is growing and adapting well into the family. She has doubled in size and I think she is going to at least triple her size now. Right now she is chewing on the pull strings to my pajama pants and playing with her own foot.

Earlier today I was in the middle of cleaning my room and packing things up to go into storage when the power went out. It came back on for a bit then went out again. It was out for a couple hours. What sucked about it most was that it came right around the time that sunset and so trying to clean my room wasn't working out so well because I could barely see. We looked for flashlights but only found one regular sized,  that worked. I had a couple small little key chain ones that worked pretty well. But not good enough to light up my room. We got out candles and brought in our solar powered lights from outside and turned on our fire place. We didn't want to put candles out in the main room because of the cats. I took the candles in my room and had them lit. It took ten candles to light up my little whole of a room. I got almost everything finished before the lights came back on. I'm quite happy with the work that I got done. Even if it is not done yet.

So this post has actually taken me a good couple days to write and finish so there will be even more than usual. I got my room most of the way finished there are just a few small things that need to be done but it will take me a couple more days to finish. On Monday I went up to Boulder to visit one of my best friends, Rissa. Her sister had gotten a ride up to my house and then we went up to Boulder. We went to watch the movie Little Fockers. I enjoyed it and found it funny, the storyline however was a little stupid. We then went and walked around until Kendra had to pee. We went into Ben and Jerry and had to buy ice cream since the bathroom was for paying customers only. We had a good time. It was just like the old days in Germany.

As promised here is a recipe:
Trailer Trash Bread
A loaf of garlic french bread. (like the frozen kind in a package.)
Shredded Cheese
Garlic if you want more of a garlic taste than the bread.
Preheat oven to 350 or broil if you want crunchier bread. In a bowl mix everything together. There aren't measurements because its all to taste, you decide how much of each you want. When its all mixed together spread on to the bread. Bake.

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