Tuesday, July 26, 2011

August 15th!

On Thursday this week I'm putting in the paperwork to quit my job!!! I'm excited. I've hated working there, and I'm glad that I'm going back to school, but then I'll get a couple weeks in and want to be on vacation again. I have to continue to work at that hell hole until the 15th of August. That is only like nineteen days!! Its going to be a little sad going back this year because a lot of my friends graduated this last school year and aren't coming back, while some are like me, who "technically" graduated in May, and are coming back. (that sentence is a little long, but I never said that I was awesome at English or grammar. In fact I kind of suck at it...Those are the classes that I despise, and am glad I don't have to take anymore of!) There is one of my friends, that I know of, that is going to France to do an internship.

 On completely random news I went to the dentist the other day, and I didn't have any cavities. So to celebrate we went to 7-11 and got some cavities. The point that I'm trying to make is that my dentist said something funny and I would like to share with you. She asked me if I floss everyday. I'm not going to lie so I say no. She says that it doesn't matter too much since I have so much saliva that I'm basically self cleaning... Whatever doc, if I don't have to floss that is awesome news...

I went to see my foot doctor today. (can't spell the correct terminology for it/ I forgot what it was called). He told me that its good that I'm quitting work, because that will help my foot not hurt. He put tape on it and told me that I have a right foot of a person who is older than 40... He also told me that the tape is supposed to last 3-5 days, but knowing my feet, it will probably be coming off by tomorrow...

Oh and today is my cousins birthday. I miss hanging out with him and kind of want to go back to Utah...But I thought that I would put a picture up of me and my cousin hanging out, because its his birthday. 
Happy Birthday Cousin, lets go back to the festival next year.

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