Monday, February 27, 2012

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Have I told you about my friend Andy? Not really? Well he is a pretty cool guy, and he is from Chicago. He moved to the Denver area a couple weeks ago. I sorta have known him for awhile. Like he is my friend Kendra's ex-boyfriend and she got us talking online because she wanted me to know another awesome person. Well we finally met because he moved here after he graduated. We have hung out a couple of times and he told me that since I bake things that I should bake him a Chicago style deep dish pizza. Since I'm on Spring break and looking for things to during break. He called me this morning and was like we should totally make the pizza today. He came over to my house, which we then went to the store to buy toppings and make sure we had all the right ingredients.
I would give you the recipe, but I have been sworn to secrecy, since we are going to try to open up a restaurant and have our awesomely delicious pizza sold there. I will however refer you to the site that we used as a basis, but greatly doctored it up to make it our own. Recipe we used mostly for the dough, but like I said it was greatly altered.
The pizza we made was so freaking delicious, Andy hasn't shut up about it. He was really excited about it, and found that it turned out delicious. The only thing that we really found that was wrong with it was that we had a bit too much sauce and not enough cheese. 


Bad slice that fell apart from too much sauce

Good slice

The half eaten frittata that I made for dinner and the pig that holds my spatula

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