Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scammed and Hacked

So this week has been a little hectic. It was the last week before finals week. I had a huge project that was worth about half of my grade that was due on Thursday of this week. Then on Friday on of the computers that we use decided that to crash and then our security system was not working. My dad decided that he would find a company that would fix it. He went online and found one that he believed to be trustworthy and what not. Well apparently they were not a legit company, and when they started talking about not having a firewall for our Internet and that it would cost between 1500 and 1600 dollars, I felt that there was something fishy going on. And this is after they got had already talked us into giving them about 400 dollars. So we called my cousin who is a geek squad guy and is awesomely adept at working on computers. He was able to fix it so that our computers are better. He told us that we needed to change every password that we ever used and those should be considered dead to us. I was a good person and started changing my passwords right away... Only problem is that that I was thinking "oh I'll remember this, I don't need to write it down." being that dumbo that I am. I didn't write any of them down. The bad thing about this is that my laptop has a password and I don't remember it. I didn't realize it until my cousin had already left. I didn't remember any of my new passwords so I had to go back through and change them all again so that I could write them down and memorize them. The only password I can't change is my laptop one because I can't remember the password to get in to change it... I was able to remember one of my passwords that I would have had to go into a department at school to get changed. Lesson of this story is to not believe what you see on the Internet, and to write down passwords until you can memorize them. Many of my passwords had been a variation of one password that I've had since 8th grade, its hard to try to not type that one in first. If you have a problem with your computer then don't let PCCARE247 help you, because they won't really help you, they just want to take your money and screw you over. If a different company uses a program called LogMeOn then quickly disconnect your internet and run screaming for the hills. This is my form of a public service announcement, I want other people to know about this scam that is going on so that then you don't get screwed over.
On a pastry note there is a guy in two of my classes that is spoiling us with delicious treats. He brought in sticky buns the other morning for an early morning class, they were so delicious. Then he brought in these towers of deliciousness, one was banana and the other was chocolate and it was creamy and on a heath bar like cookie, they were even more delicious. He had also brought in some delicious rum cakes and he was kind enough to give me the recipe which I will share as soon as I can buy some rum and make them myself, so check back in about three months. In three months from today, I will be turning 21! I'm excited, not to be drinking but because I think I will finally feel like a true adult and not a kid anymore. I won't be doing much drinking, except for what is in the baked goods that I will make with booze. There is a blog that I follow called Bake It With Booze! and I have been wanting to try some of her recipes but alas I'm not yet 21, so I can't buy the booze required to make the recipes.

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