Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In a few weeks I am going to be running the CopperMan race, which is a 3k obstacle course. For most people 3k is no big deal, but I hate running. I have no clue why I got it in my head that I should run this race, maybe it was the idea of running through a giant pit of hot chocolate and having bragging rights to that. I don't know. Anyway, I am having a hard time getting motivated to get up off my ass and go for a run today, or even a bike ride. I have no excuses, except that I don't want to.
Remember a couple days ago when I posted about the ultimate brownies? Well they are slowly killing me with their chocolatey goodness, and really killing my want to exercise. The brownies make it more of a need, and I feel pressure to do so, which just turns into a sneaky hate spiral. My suggestion is to not make the brownies unless you are having a party or plan on selling them, because for a family of three (one that doesn't like chocolate) it is going to take forever to eat those brownies, unless we give them away or sell them or do something. If I eat the rest of that pan of brownies I will gain at least ten pounds because that is how heavy the pan feels.
Tomorrow is my second class of brewing arts and I'm kind of excited about it. Last class was a lot of fun, I'm hoping they stay fun. My hospitality law class is a lot of fun too. I think my law professor looks a lot like Jamie Lee Curtis, and she is a really fun professor. I actually pay attention in her class. After her class I have been going and sitting outside because the weather has been gorgeous, and Nick is good company to sit outside in the sunshine with. I help him with his Spanish homework, sorta. I've forgotten most of my Spanish. Its kind of sad but I already have a slight tan line and its only March... I want my snow to come back, I want to go snowboarding more. I have to go two more times at least before the season is over.

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