Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Ultimate Brownie

There isn't much to report, other than classes started this week and I can't believe its only been a week. It feels like a lot longer. I only have three days where I am in class. Thursdays are more like a day off because I don't have class until 6pm. I was in class the other day and one of my friends was looking at this website and I looked over and there was this picture of brownies and they looked delicious. I asked him what the website was and if the recipe was there. He told me that there was a recipe. Of course I decided I had to make those brownies. They are awesome. I had to bake them for a bit longer than the recipe says. I don't like how the recipe doesn't say what temperature to bake them at, so I guessed and used 350. Death by chocolate is what I would call these because you would keep eating them until you died. I was going to take a picture but I couldn't get it out of the pan without it falling apart. Also I couldn't control myself and just attacked it with a fork. The recipe I used was from Like They Do. It has a picture so if you want to see it go there. I highly recommend this recipe if you are a huge chocolate lover.

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