Thursday, March 15, 2012

It hit the fan

Sometimes I'll be doing something totally normal and then all of a sudden I get a huge realization about something. Like I was eating a fattening brownie and looking at my stats about how many people have viewed my blog, and I was like it says September 2009. I think to myself of course, has it really almost been three years? I really don't believe that I've been in college for almost three years now. I graduate next year, and I'm supposed to be some grown-up that has their shit together and be a functioning adult, or something that resembles that. I still have no idea what I really want to do in life. There are elements that I know I want, but I don't know if I want to own my own place or if I'll be content working for someone else.
It just seems like a really big deal to me, really quite overwhelming at times.
On a somewhat pastry related topic. I was eating an ultimate brownie and I had ice cream on top of it, made it more delicious. And it was hurting my teeth because of the cold. My teeth are sensitive since I don't really floss because doesn't seem to matter how much I floss that my gums always bleed. So I had quite a few cavities ( I mostly blame being a baker and loving sweets). I had to have eleven filled plus one that had previously been filled had fallen out or broken off, something like that.
On a random tangent, I am in love with the Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins, (who isn't?) I don't remember a time when I've read a book so quickly. I would have finished it by now if I hadn't gone and done things I needed to do, like exercising in preparation for CopperMan or going to class. Which by the way is an awesome class. It is called brewing arts and is all about beer and related drinks. We got out early because of some mix up and we ended up not having beer to sip and spit with. Sip and spit is the only way that we are allowed to do this class, (my campus is a dry campus) and there are about 7 of us that are under 21. If we were 21 or older we would have the option to either write a paper or brew our own beer. But for those of us under 21 we have the option of either writing the research paper or not doing anything and getting a lower grade. I turn 21, two days after classes end, on graduation day for other people besides me.
Back to reading the Hunger Games, even though I know how this book ends, I still must find out how it gets to that point. It is such a good book. I'm so in love with it. My mom bought me the first one on Tuesday, and I read most of it last night, so on my way home from beer class this evening I had to stop into a store and buy the last two, even though it probably could have waited until tomorrow. I didn't want to wait because I know I'll be finishing the first one tonight. 

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