Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today is my 21st birthday. I have waited for this day to come since I moved from Germany back to the United States. It has been three long years since Germany.
I was excited to go out this morning to one of my favorite breakfast places. We got there and it was packed. I decided that I was too hungry to wait in line to be fed. We went to a different place.
I wanted to get a mimosa with breakfast. They would not give it to me since my drivers license it vertical instead of horizontal. Dumbest reason to refuse a customer. They aren't going to get my business ever again and I'm not going to recommend it to a friend.
Some of my friends tease me about my birthday cake because there were a few years where I made my one birthday cake. This year I requested a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and so I got a Strawberry Cheesequake one. 
After that my mom took me shopping for a present. I wanted to get a new bike because mine is pretty old and doesn't like to be functional. That is why she had to take me with her to get my present. I am short, thus making it difficult to find a bike that works. But we found one that I love! Its pretty and blue, see.

I then went to visit a friend and we went and got tattoos. Not matching ones. I got a whisk and a spoon because I love baking and its a part of who I am and now is a part that other people can see, sorta, I guess. My friend also bought me lunch/dinner at Sonic. It was delicious.
Now I'm ready for bed and its not even 8:30. I almost took a nap while A.J. was tattooing my leg.

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