Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I haven't posted in a little while, and I'm sorry, but once you read this you will understand why.

Tuesday this week started out with me waking up at 10 am to get ready for class at noon. Which normally I don't get up until much later in the day, especially if I have class until midnight. Well I had class from noon to midnight. It was pretty bad. I would get up, go to class and then come home and sleep. Sometimes I would shower before bed sometimes when I got up. But still I was exhausted. My feet are still hurting.

I was tired and didn't finish the post. See its taking me a few days to write just a few paragraphs. With Christmas right around the corner I have been trying to do things to get ready for Christmas, which involves making some presents or going shopping for presents. I am usually a person to wait until the last minute to figure out presents for everyone and then get them.  Also it seems like I have become a mom, the kitten, Holly is quite demanding sometimes. She'll poop and step in it so I have to keep cleaning her off. She cries a lot. And she won't eat unless someone is in the room.

I'm not an artistic, which sucks because for one of my two classes right now I need to design a sugar showpiece. In other words I need to draw something and then make it in sugar. Which making it might be harder than designing it.

On a whole other note, this morning/late night I kept hearing this weird sound. Also it sounded like one of our dogs was throwing up. I went to check it out.  Before I turned the light on it had sounded like one of our dogs was having a seizure or that someone was patting the couch like in a come here motion. Then the sound seemed like it was coming from the couch, like our cat, Lexi was inside the couch and scratching at it. Well it wasn't her, and the dogs weren't throwing up. Holly was asleep in the room with my brother. (Oh yeah, my brother is staying with us for Christmas... Joy.) We had no idea what was making the sound. I let the dogs out and the sound stopped. We figured out that Max was eating the carpet. That's right, he was munching on the carpet. I gave him some food and he hasn't been eating the carpet since.

I swear one day during break I will put up a bunch of recipes, ones that I've been making in class and love. (The recipes would come from my Cookies and Petite Fours class, not Sugar Artistry.)

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