Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I tried to write something after I got done with class and got home... this is what I got before I feel asleep:
I started labs today. Lab didn't go as badly as I imagined for the first day trying to be awake until at least 1 am. I'm in plated desserts, where we learn to make desserts presentable. My feet hurt, well more of my right foot than my left foot. But I expected that. My right foot doesn't like to behave and not hurt me. We have the new chef, and she seems to be pretty awesome.

I was more tired than I thought. My throat hurts a lot. I don't know what is wrong with it. I'm eating ice cream and cough drops to help it out. It is kind of helping, but not really at the same time. I feel like a really old person because I have to eat before 4:30 pm in order to get ready for class and get there on time. I'm going to take a nap so I'm energized for labs. First I have to do my homework of designing a plate for tonight's class. Last night We made sauces, creme anglaise, chocolate ganache and chocolate molten cake. The cake turned out pretty awesome, although I think that we needed to put more ganache in the middle for the moltenness. Recipes up later, I'll put them up this weekend.

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