Monday, December 6, 2010


I am sick. It started out with a sore throat and has slowly progressed into like a full on respiratory system disease or sickness whatever you want to call it, maybe I want to call it a failure to breath properly. Now when a normal person gets sick it probably isn't as bad as when I get sick. My lungs are pretty bad from previous illnesses like swine flu and pneumonia along with asthma that I was born with. My asthma usually is not apparent, except when I get sick. Which means that I have to do my inhaler and if the inhaler doesn't work then I get to use a nebulizer. Both contain steroids, and those make me jittery. If my body actually moved the way it feels like it should be somebody would think I had hypothermia or the chills something to that affect. The best way to describe the feeling is that you were outside streaking in the middle of winter in the middle of the night and how cold you would be, and shivering, but my body doesn't actually shiver it just feels that way when I have to do the nebulizer thing. My throat got better and now its starting to get bad again because of all the coughing and sneezing. That's another thing, I don't just sneeze like once or twice ever so very often. I sneeze at least three times in a row, and this cold has probably doubled that and I sneeze often.

I have to stay away from my parents for the most part right now so that I don't get either of them sick. I can't get either of them sick because if I get my mom sick then she would get my dad sick and if my dad gets sick then the doctors won't operate. And they need to operate so that my dad can stop showing me his hernia. Its gross. Most of the time you can see it sticking out of his shirt that is how big it is.

My mom bought me some saline nasal spray stuff to try and help with the congestion. I was reading the bottle and it says that it helps moisturize the nasal passages. I don't understand that because it contains salt which dries things out like slugs. The other thing I don't understand is why ice packs help migraines. If a migraine is a constriction of blood vessels in the brain, it doesn't make sense to put something that constricts them even more on your head.

I missed class Friday night because 1). I didn't sleep well, 2). I'm sick, 3). I got a massive migraine. Now if I miss another class in the next five class periods then I drop the lab and will have to make it up. Like the next segment I have two labs, meaning I got to go to class from noon to midnight. Usually we don't have Friday class but since it is the beginning of the term then we start on a Tuesday and end on Friday the first week. If it had been a normal week then I wouldn't have missed class, though I can't change the past. I think that I made the right decision though to stay home, because I wouldn't have been able to make it through class.

I've been trying to write this post since Friday, obviously I haven't done that great of a job. But I've felt so crappy the past few days that I kept putting it off. I'm feeling mostly better, but it still feels like someone is sitting on my chest or something is running around in my lungs. I'm glad that I'm going to be able to go to class later on, because I really don't want to drop this lab, as a matter of fact I don't want to drop any labs.

Here is a chocolate molten cake recipe, unfortunately I can only put it in ounces because I don't know the cups and such, because I made it in class and it is from my school book which does ounces and pounds... Sorry.

12 oz Semisweet chocolate
12 oz Butter, unsalted
12 oz Eggs
3 oz Sugar, granulated
3 oz Flour, bread
Hershey Kisses as needed
Extra butter and sugar to line the ramekins.

Preheat oven to 350*F Chop the chocolate into fine pieces. Melt butter and chocolate in a heavy bottomed pot. Lightly whisk sugar and eggs in a separate bowl then add to butter chocolate mixture.  Whisk in flour. Fill buttered and sugared ramekins and fill 3/4 full. Bake until sides are set (about 10-12 minutes). Shove a Hershey Kiss in the center, place back in oven for an additional five minutes or until center of cake has begun to set. Serve immediately after taking out of oven.

As a side note, because I don't want to be accused of Plagiarism I got this recipe from Baking and Pastry Formulas for Johnson and Wales University College of Culinary Arts Volume 2

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