Monday, November 29, 2010

Rant about life among other things

Since it is almost three o'clock in the morning it is officially Monday. Which means that I have the rest of today and until 6pm tomorrow until classes start. I am prepping myself kind of, for the late nights. But I know that it will still be hard. I'm excited though. I love learning in labs, I hate doing the classroom shit. I know how my brain works and it doesn't do well with trying to read something off a page and memorizing it. It does well when I do something with my hands. I'm a kinesiology learner or whatever it is called. I learn by doing. I learn not to put too much nutmeg in a carrot cake by putting too much in the cake and having it taste badly. And I can do math better than some because I can just do it, I know it may sound weird but most of the time I can just see how to do the problem and then do it. I may not be able to solve it in my head but I can figure out how to solve and then use a calculator to solve it. My dependency to calculators is kind of sad though. Many simple math problems get confused in my head, and I have a hard time trying to do math in my head. I hate that degrees require people to have English credits or have Leadership credits. I'm not good at English and I'm not that good at trying to lead. I have a hard time trying to teach someone something. Like I tried to help a friend in math last year and I don't know if I helped or not because I could see how to do it, but I couldn't explain how she should do it.

I need to go to sleep and stop ranting about random shit. I need to find a few pictures, and decide what I want for Christmas. Okay so that was brought to you by the sleep deprived blogger. Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.

This time tomorrow evening I shall be in a baking and pastry lab. I will be exhausted and just starting with actual lab work. But I don't really know since this is a chef I haven't had before. Some chefs like to do lecture at the end, some like to do it in the middle of class while stuff is baking.

I don't have a recipe for cheese fondue, other wise I would put it up because we had delicious cheese fondue for dinner this evening. Although we didn't have a waiter with cow pants on. We were in Switzerland and we went to a restaurant and got the three different kinds of fondue and our waiter had on pants that were white with black splotches, like a cow, thus the cow pants. I want cow pants... but I could just deal with the comfy black and white checked pants that I have to wear to class. I hemmed my pants for class today, normally my mom does it because I don't know how to sew. But I'm learning how to slowly, with the help of my mom. Tomorrow before I go to class my dad and I are going to go do shanagins and Christmas shopping. So that's what I've got going on. Oh and I'm making a scarf for my mom's mom. (Which is not my Grandma Jo). The scarf is really soft and I only worked on it for like four hours today and it is probably a little less than half way done, which is amazing because I get distracted easily with crafts like that.

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