Sunday, November 21, 2010


I apologize ahead of time if my post today doesn't make sense in parts, I'm really sleepy for no reason. I can't seem to fall asleep though so here I am blogging.
We woke up this morning to probably about a foot of snow covering the ground and trees and all that stuff. I'll have pictures at the end. And because today is Sunday my Grandma Jo goes to church every week. Well my Pappa Eddie has pneumonia and my Grandma doesn't want him to go out in the cold and what not. I ended up shoveling a pathway and a place for the dog Baby to go out and go potty in. Then my cousin Jimmy came over with his wife Sara and their baby boy, Cayden. They shoveled the driveway. I took my Grandma Jo to church, something that I don't do. We went to church, made Grandma feel good, and then went shopping. Now let me tell you something, my Grandma Jo spoils me, a lot. I'm her favorite, well at least her favorite granddaughter. Anyway, we went shopping and then came back home and started watching Harry Potter. She continued her work on knitting a hat while I figured out how to knit a scarf with a loom. Grandma Jo stuck her tongue out at me because I was able to pick it up quickly and she still doesn't really know how to do it. And now its only 8 pm and I want to go to bed. Well I've wanted to go to bed since about 6 pm when I ate dinner.  So I'll upload pictures and say good night. I was going to upload pictures but I can't seem to get it to work right now...

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  1. You realize that Grandma tells everyone "you're my favorite".... right?