Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grandma's House

Since I got to Utah today, I won't be posting recipes until I get back to Colorado, since I didn't think to bring recipes with me. The plane was delayed about 10 minutes to begin with and then we hit like 130mph headwinds is what I think that captain said, so that delayed us even more. Also it was a very bumpy airplane ride. And as I have stated before I'm not good with flying, the actual flying wasn't so bad because I slept most of the way. But before hand I decided to toss my cookies, (I was contemplating the different ways of saying I barfed. Tossed my cookies seemed as good as any of the others). Also random people were trying to talk to me. I was just trying to listen to my music and read my book. But no they had to try and ask me questions and what not, and would not leave me alone, no matter how evil I tried to look at them. Whatever. I'm just glad that I didn't puke on the person next to me on the plane. (Which I have done before, not on purpose.)
I finally arrived at my Grandma's house and she decided that we would have chicken salad sandwiches. I was hungry so I said sure why not. Only to discover that what she calls chicken salad is just chicken from a can with mayo. In my house its got all kinds of stuff in it, like pickles, celery, and even onion. (I love me some onion). So she scooped some out and let me make it how I wanted it. It was good I ate my whole sandwich, (which is unusual for me because I don't really eat that many sandwiches, except a number 1 with onion from Jimmy Johns). And then we were supposed to be going to a wedding celebration party. We got already to go and then looked outside and it was snowing. We decided not to let us getting ready go to waste. We went down the street to Artic Circle and got shakes. Then came back and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, because Grandma had never seen it, and we plan on going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 on Tuesday. I have to catch her up on all the Harry Potter movies she has missed. As I sit here typing this it is still snowing, and there is already probably a could four to five inches accumulated. I love snow. I just wish I could be snowboarding, oh well I'll enjoy my time with my family.

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