Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day

Before I get to Turkey Day I'm going to to blog about Wednesday. And that I have a new page.
Jesse and I hung out. We went to visit his sister Chasity. She has two boys named Bradley and Christian. They are cute boys and funny too. Bradley is almost ten and Christian is five as he reminded me over and over again while I tried to hug him. We just stayed for a little while but then we had to get back to my Grandma Jo's house to meet with Jesse's brother Ricky. Ricky also has two boys named Riley and Devon. They are cute too. And full of energy. Jesse plays with them a lot. Like he was making Riley walk on the ceiling. I'm really glad that I got to see Ricky, Diane (his wife) and their cute boys. Riley is a little bit more open to me than Devon is. I think it is because Riley can remember me but Devon can't.
On Turkey Day my Grandma Jo went to Church and I stayed back and made some carrot cupcakes. And the best frosting that I have ever made. I don't know what made it different from other times I made frosting but it was delicious. We then went over to my Auntie V's house for dinner. When we got there Auntie M was trying to make mashed potatoes. I say trying because she left the potatoes in her trunk over night and they were frozen. So when she put them in the boiling water thinking that they would thaw out and then cook. Well they kind of didn't follow her plan. They instead turned to sponges and felt really gross. She then scrambled around to find other potatoes and cook them. It seemed like everything my Auntie M touched food wise didn't turn out as planed. Because not only did the potatoes turn out how they did but when she was working on the candied yams the marshmallows were messed up. Jimmy and Sara brought their baby boy Cayden who is absolutely a mommas boy. If he saw his mom he would start to cry until you gave him back to his mom. John and Stevie brought their baby girl Lily and she is absolutely gorgeous. She found fart noises funny and would laugh when I would make them with my mouth. There were lots of funny things that were said but you had to be their for them to be funny.
I flew back at about 10 am this morning and I woke up at about 6 am to get to the airport on time. I hate getting up early, that's why I would rather have ppm labs than am labs. On the airplane the flight attendant said some funny things. She started out with "if you could pretend to give us your attention for a moment." She then went on to say that "there maybe 50 ways to leave a lover but their are only 6 ways to leave this aircraft." Also she said "if we expected to lose cabin pressure then we wouldn't have come to work today, but if we happen to lose cabin pressure. In order to live stop screaming, let go of your neighbor and grab on to the yellow masks that fall down." It brightened my day a little bit because I was mad because there were annoying little kids that were screaming and older teens behind me that were talking and were annoying as well. And it wouldn't have been a problem had my iPod been charged or I had the charger in my bag.



All the snow that got dumped the day I got to Utah

My Grandma's cat trying to close the computer

Riley walking on the ceiling.

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