Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corn or banana bread?

I don't know which recipe I want to put on today. My family has a really awesome banana bread recipe and my mother made me some recently. But she also has an awesome recipe for cornbread, and we had cornbread tonight with our potato soup. We had potato soup for dinner earlier today because if you haven't seen the news or heard about it, IT SNOWED!!!!! I am so happy that it is snowing, but it does make me worry quite a bit. This year I'm a commuter student, and so when it snows I have to drive in it. Now it wouldn't be such a problem if my car was either heavier or I had a different car entirely. See the thing is that my car is really light and doesn't like driving in the snow. If I drive the Volvo, my mom's car it isn't bad at all, but that's because her car is like two or three times as heavy as my car, making it easier to drive in the snow. I either need to figure out how to make my car heavier or to some how convince my parents that I need a new car (which would be difficult since my car is pretty new, I've only had it for a little over a year). Also a random though occurred to me today when I was getting in my car to drive home from school. My car was covered in snow and I hadn't yet put the ice scraper back in my car. I thought that it would be awesome if cars had a button you could press and the car would shake like a wet dog, and throw off all the snow.

Another random thought that occurred to me. Why is it called Overeaters Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, when you have to get up and say "Hi, I'm Sara and I'm an Overeater. That is not anonymous, you just said who you were! So why call it anonymous when you aren't? I have a lot of random thoughts, sometimes I don't remember them. Oh I rememer what I was going to tell random people, that I may or may not know. I had to be fingerprinted on Monday, I think, so yesterday. Nope, not yesterday. It was Monday. Actually I think it was Saturday because thats when I sent the package. Anyway. I had to be fingerprinted. It was NOT for doing something illegal. I just had to do it for when I go on to the AFB later on they are going to scan the ID cards. So I was being fingerprinted and I made a joke that I couldn't remember how to be fingerprinted because it had been along time since I was fingerprinted. And we had a good laugh, but I guess you may have had to been there to have it be funny.

Also I need help on what I should try and persuad my speech class to like or dislike or to understand. My point is that I have to give a speech (if you can't tell its a persuasive speech) on Tuesday next week and I have no idea what to do it on. My last two speeches were on my favorite cookie. Someone in class told me that I should do my last speech on the cookie as well. But I already know that people like it so I can't really persuade them to like it. Something that I find quite interesting and funny is that I can't seem to speak for more than 2 minutes and 42 seconds. Seriously all three speeches that I have given have been 2 minutes and 42 seconds exactly. What should I persuade people on?

Some how I got addicted to playing Tetris. I rock at Tetris Battle.

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